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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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campaigns back and reaching new heights under this administration. with the next election around the corner it looks like the anointed one will stake his election bid on that theme. king rich vs. poor pitting his billionaire friends like warren buffet against the rest of us. delivering speeches in washington, d.c., new york city, raleigh, north carolina, columbus, ohio. the gop candidates will have a chance to respond. the gauntlet that he has laid down for the 2012 race will take place thursday in the primary debate hosted here at the fox news channel, thursday in orlando. i'll be down there. joining me now her take on anointed one's latest policy initiative, sarah palin. governor how are you? welcome back. >> i'm doing great, thank you sean. >> sean: first of all, none of this is new. it is all recycled rhetoric by
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the president. wants a trillion and a half. we find out from the ap, we'll go into this in detail later. the president is wrong. wealthiest americans pay much higher in terms of taxes total and percentage than the middle class and poor. how do we characterize what is the president is saying? >> this is more of the same. it is going to lead more failed economic policy. we shouldn't be surprised. obama as a candidate he promised us he would try to fun anyone tally transform america. and he was into redistributing wealth part of that class warfare fair. the rest of us should be above it and not allow him to get away with that this time. what he's doing this time is underestimating the wisdom of the people. we know that increasing tax rates on anybody, regardless of at a time of economic he would will not grow the economy. will not allow private sector jobs to be created. he's really under estimating the electorate on this one.
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>> sean: the lower income households in this country maybe that make $50,000 to $75,000 a year pay 15% of their income in federal taxes. those that make a million a year the millionaires that he talks about, big different between millionaires and billionaires. there's 267,000 americans in 2009 that filed as millionaires. they pay on average 29.1%. the president said they are not paying their fair share. and that warren buffet's secretary is paying more. i don't know what the secretary is doing that is not the case for the 99.9% of people in that category. what are we to make of the president's meants? >> the president is way off on his math for one. i hope that you will get into what the ap did in terms of fact checking. i appreciate they wanted to get to their readers, information that helps us make better decisions. i appreciate that they called the president on some of these
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-- i call them lies. i think surely, the president is too smart to not have people around him with a calculator and can tell us truly what people's tax rates are and what his proposals will result in new tax rates be. buffet too, he's totally incorrect in trying to make americans believe that -- his secretary would be paying a lower tax rate than he is, as a billionaire. because he's trying to make the suggestion that his tax rate is based on just his income. we know that some of the semantics that he has used in the piece that he wrote is i believe used to confuse people and gin up his class warfare rhetoric. glad the ap and you have fact-checked it and we can explain more about it. >> sean: i was giving you the figures from that fact-check. buffet, put up or shut up. if you want to pay more write a check the federal government, lead by example and stop
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lecturing the rest of country. >> we can't allow him to sit back, fight the federal government for a decade overhis one billion dollar tax bill that is still out outstanding trying to throw stones saying he's not charged enough in taxes. yet, he's disputing the taxes that he does owe the american government. >> sean: pretty interesting. this has gone on for a long period of time. i'm watching the president and his rhetoric if were you in these debates thursday night. maybe you will show up, i don't know. you could make a big announcement here tonight many if you were in the debates thursday night, what would your message be? >> we have to make sure our candidates are articulating what their governing philosophy is and their understanding of the fact that government doesn't create jobs, it is the private sector that grows the economy. i want to know what these candidates' records are. what have they been able to show on a local and state
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level that they've done to create jobs, to reduce tax rates and rein in the growth of department in their districts they represent? i don't want to hear rhetoric about them putting up their dukes and fighting for the right things. i want to though their track record of success. i hope they will be able to prove to potential supporters out there that they can walk the walk not just talk the talk. >> sean: how do they deal with the president's hard lurch left, not just the democrats, liberals. i think this was appeal to shore up his base he has the lower number approval ratings with the base of the democratic party. they feel he's lost his way. between the attacks again the tea party as wanting african-americans hanging for trees and sonses of bitches that can go straight to hell all of this rhetoric which he wouldn't denounce all combined
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in the class warfare rhetoric, it seems a decision has been made, a strategy has been adopted. do you think that strategy can work? >> well, let him go back to that. 20% of the american population that is far left where he comes from. that is his base. let him go there, that's only 20% of the population. independent american and fiscal conservatives have that common sense understanding that the private sector will be able to grow the jobs and not growing more centralized government that obama wants to do. let him go that far left and don't engage in making the arguments against such nonsensical policies that he's adopted. instead, let's talk about what will this economy. that's natural resource energy production here domestically, cutting tax rates not increasing tax rates. making sure that crony capitalism is tackled and
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eliminated in our federal government. all those things that many of us fiscal conservatives have talked about. let's discuss those and make sure that independent americans are understanding that it going to be the gop this go round that is going to affect positive change that our economy needs. >> sean: what do you think of solyndra? we are going to get into it in more detail later. it has expanded out, lightsquared and others what are your thoughts? >> you are going to be blown away by more and more examples that will surface with people researching what obama's agenda has been in terms of crony capitalism and corporate welfare. people are going to be blown away. this is just the tip of the iceberg in solar panel company that was given the half billion dollars. what this one crony corporation of obama's was given is more than 35 states were given to build their
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roads and basic infrastructure in terms of federal monies going into their states. more than 35 states had fewer federal dollars returned to them than this solar company did. it is sick, it is rampant. there's a lot of pay for play here in the obama administration. it has been on both sides of the aisles in american history. you to see some blatant examples. the solar company is just one. >> sean: when we come back i want you t assess the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates as they go into thursday's debate. also, if you are thinking about running? much more with governor palin after the break. >> the mainstream media says the president has misled you american the people during the debate over his job plans. dana and stuart are here with details. be sure to join us tomorrow night my interview with texas governor republican presidential contend eric perry. >> it is time for our text vote question. we want to know if you support
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>> sean: we continue with
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former alaska governor sarah palin. governor, you said you kind of are feeling it in terms of you're engaged more than ever before. it is becoming crunch time. you have to make a decision or else some states will be out of play for you. where do you stand in terms of jumping into this republican presidential nomination campaign? >> there is still time sean. i think on both sides of the aisle you are going to see people coming and going in this race. i think president obama after this misnomer this jobs bill which is a tax hike increase bill that he has proposed, after that i think more and more democts are going to realize if they want to retain the democrat control of the white house they are going to have to put somebody up in the primary against obama. so i think there's going to be changes on that side. and in the republican race, also in this primary. i think people are going to be
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coming and going because there is still time. i'm still one still considering the time factor and knowing how important it is that we get this country back on the right track. knowing that it is not enough to just change up the uniform. we need to change the entire game plan. we need to change the entire team that has been there at white house doing such great damage to our economy. we need to make sure that we have the best and most qualified. the most vetted candidate to come forth and rise to the surface after this primary process. >> sean: i would say by november you have to make your decision, right? >> you do. legally, you do. because you have to start getting your ducks lined up to have your name on these ballots. i think this is going to be such an unconventional election cycle. because this has been such an unconventional administration that we are fighting so hard and so committed to replacing. not just the administration
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but the senate, those who have followed like sheep behind president obama and allowed him no do what he has done in terms of harm to our economy. we are committed to increasing the number of fiscal conservatives in the house of representatives also. it is a big agenda out there for those of us who are extremely concerned abt the future of our country and whether we are candidates or supportive of the right candidacies, we are going to be working so hard in these next 14 months. a lot is going to happen. mark my word, it is going to be an unconventional type of election process. >> sean: i tend to agree. we still await your decision. people ask me all the time, what i think you're gonna do. i vacillate, i can't tell at different times. here's an important question, let's look at the top three candidates now, governor perry, governor romney and michelle bachmann. strengths and weaknesses of the three?
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what would you like to see out of those three come thursday night's debate here on the fox news channel? >> depending on what poll you are looking at those three may be up there. ron paul may be in front of michelle bachmann according to certain polls. i've seen my own name up there in the top three, don't know how legitimate the poll is that i looked at that said that. there's lots of vacillation if you will within these polls. you all of them have strengths, they are articulating and willing to be there in the arena to be bloodied up and engage in vigorous debate so electors have the best choices to make. they need to talk about their experience. i don't want to hear, as i said earlier, to hear rhetoric about them putting up a fight against the crony capitalism or poor feign policy decisions that have been made. i want to make sure they've been effective in the past to prove that they have a record
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that we can build upon, knowing that could carry them forward for what we need in this country. i want to know what their successful track record is. they need to talk about that going into this debate. >> sean: what would you want to hear the issue of the social security being a ponzi scheme has become a big issue. romney as addressed it. he had strong words today about president obama. he said that he's naive, arrogant, misguided, dangerous in terms of his foreign policy as it relates to israel and the palestinians. what would be the one thing you want to hear out of perry? and one thing you want to hear about romney in every poll the two front-runner runners. >> perry is right when he talked about obama's foreign policies as it relates to israel, misguided, weak, that has resulted in the palestinians thinking they are going to be given a state and using obama's own words against americans now as they go into this u.n. vote at the
6:18 pm
end of the week. perry is right in the statement he made. perry and others are right too when they talk about the need to reform our entitlement programs. social security isn't going to be solvent in the future. and we will have entitlement reform it comes down to how? will the world's capital markets do it to us or will we democratically reform our own programs? >> sean: i find myself a little in newt gingrich's camp in this respect about the comments he made. everybody up on that stage would want to repeal obamacare. everyone supports, at least they say so, cutting taxes to stimulate the economy. ending burdensome regulation, repealing obamacare there. are so many fundamental differences with all of them, versus obama, that i think any of them will be better. i have strong disagreement with ron paul about iran that is problematic for me. i think there are certain things i think each can do to
6:19 pm
strengthen their position. do you agree with that? >> i do. i agree too, i think what your suggestion is many of us who are supporters of anybody but obama, that's what it is going to come down to. as i said, we need to make sure we are not just switching up the uniform. we need a new team, new game plan. that is the only way we will save our country. >> sean: governor palin thank you. >> coming up billionaire mark cuban jumps on the obama tax train. he says paying more tanks is the most patriotic thing that you can do. really? when we come back stuart varney and dana perino react straight ahead. nationwide insurance, what's up ?
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. >> sean: as anointed one trumpets his call for 1.5 trillion in new taxes he falls back on a simple message, rich vs. poor. >> the president: warren buffet's secretary shouldn't pay a higher tax rate than warren buffet. >> sean: the associated press is fact checking. reporting that according together nonpartisan congressional budget offices 10% of households with the highest incomes pay more than half of all federal taxes.
6:24 pm
more than 70% of federal income taxes, what a shock. now anointed one is addressing the charge that he's stoking class warfare. >> the president: we are hearing the issue defenders of these kinds of loopholes saying this is just class warfare. i reject the idea that asking a huge fund manager to pay the same as a plumber or teacher is class warfare. i think it is the right thing to do. >> sean: according together associated press in 20091,470 households filed returns with incomes above one million dollars they paid no federal income tax. they also add this, that's less than 1% of the nearly 237,000 returns with incomes above one million dollars. it seems the president is focusing all energies on 1500 americans who are not paying their fair share. i'm sure he thinks we can fix our deficit problems once they start paying. as it turns out, at least one
6:25 pm
person, aside from warren buffet agrees with him. billionaire mark cuban. he writes on his blog paying taxes is the most patriotic thing talk do. i'm sure joe biden proud of that. joining me with reaction co-host of the five, she deals with beckel five days a week and has a halo, dana perino. and the host of varney & company on the fox business network stuart varney. you have to wear a halo if you are dealing with beckel five days. >> i take my patience pill everyday at 4:30. >> sean: how do you get him to say dana i agree with you? >> because i argue on the permits and make him see the light of day. then these like oh, that's a good point. if you say things with a rounded edge it sounds better. >> sean: i think he's ever said the words, hannity you are right. >> maybe not. >> she intimidates him. >> sean: i think that's what it is. there's 1% of millionaire
6:26 pm
households that don't pay their taxes. this is what they found on average the wealthiest in america pay more in taxes than the middle class or the poor according to private and government data. they pay at a higher rate. they contribute much larger share. top 1% pays 40%. top 10% pays 70 plus percent. so the president lied yesterday. >> let's not use strong language like that. warren buffet is being deliberately misleading. he is saying we rich people should be paying more. rich people do pay more as a portion. furthermore, warren buffet is deliberately misleading by confusing tax on capital gains and tax on income. furthermore, this man is making a lot of money out of what he's saying. he sells insurance products through berkshire hathaway they do well when tax rates go up. there's a conflict of interest there.
6:27 pm
he has become the primary crony capitalist in the obama administration. he's wrong. >> sean: i bet he's going to be on your show any day soon. i can see him cozying up to you for an hour on varney & company. >> you think he would cozy up to me? >> sean: as soon as obama would be on this show, because obama doesn't have the courage to come on this show this is not the vast right wing conspiracy. households making a million dollars or more pay 29.1% of their income in federal taxes. households between 50 and $75,000 middle class pay 15%, half. call it distortion, why? out right manipulation of the facts, the truth. >> i remember being white house press secretary if you are going to pick a fight you better win. one of the things that can destroy your argument is not having your facts backed up. those explanations don't work.
6:28 pm
when president obama said this is not class warfare then defined class warfare and calling against hedge fun managers versus plumbers and teachers. it sounds good. millionaires and billionaires. the question at the end, when mark cuban says the most patriotic thing you can do is pay taxes. i disagree. the most patriotic thing you can do is keep the republic. part of that is wondering how much is your fair share. >> sean: these are distortions of reality. the figures are there. it can be proven false. >> yes, it can. i want to know, what is a fair share? if you make one million dollars a year what is the fair share that you have to pay in taxes? state income taxes, federal income taxes combined. in many states it is more than 50%. new york, california. i think's flat out immoral. no government, anywhere should take more than half of a person's income, period, i
6:29 pm
don't care how much you make, where you live. president obama wants to take more. this is a moral question. what is a legitimate share? >> sean: they don't want to answer that question. >> i spent my entire show today asking democrats, give me a share share. they won't answer it. >> what is unfortunate he proposed something he knew could not pass in the current congress because it couldn't pass in the democratically led congress. now the nation is embroiled in a debate over class warfare and what is class warfare and what is not rather than í >> sean: here's my theory. i think he's mentally, intellectually exhausted. i think he's -- think about this, you are giving me a whew hannity! i think he's out of ideas. i think he has been pampered his whole life. i think he has this messiah complex. hear me out. i think now it is all coming
6:30 pm
apart, he's angry and he's becoming unhinged. that's why he has doubled down on appealing to the left and not the in -- and not the independents. >> i think he's always out of his depth on the economy. he's an ideologue not an intellectual about the economy. he's out of his department and realizes it and he knows the people know it. i think it makes him extremely uncomfortable. >> i don't think he was pampered. >> sean: compared to carter. >> which he compared himself to in the book that just came out. i don't think he was pampered his whole life. i think he overcame a lot and achieved a lot. >> sean: by pampered, he's never done a deal that i can see, except the rezko home deal. when he has he ever run a business? >> pampering came from the media. >> sean: i agree. >> i think hurt them. they do have policy
6:31 pm
prescriptions. unfortunately, for them they don't work. it has been proven not to work. now we are having this debate over class warfare. and millionaires and billionaires. there's a difference between a millionaire and a billionaire. >> why do we repeat failed policies? which is what the president is trying to do. explain to me, how taxing millionaires more creates jobs, makes people more and banks len more, gets the economy going and gives us growth? >> you can ask president obama that in 2009 he said the exact same thing. >> sean: good to see you both. >> new allegations the white house tried to the testimony of a u.s. official to expedite a controversial communications project. >> tune in tomorrow night, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific for my cable exclusive with texas governor rick perry, tomorrow night right here on hannity. we'll continue. p [ beeping ]
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>> sean: another government official comes forward to claim the white house pressured him to change his congressional testimony concerning a satellite and broadband communication company called lightsquared. backed by major democratic donor, billionaire phil falcone light squared is actively pursuing a project build a new nationwide wireless 4g network critics belief interfere with airline safety and important gps used by the military. the director of the national coordination office for space-based positioning, navigation and timing, anthony russo rejected guidance from the omb suggesting he alter his answers to a more favorable position. days after sources say the head of the air force space command four star general shelton told house members in a classified briefing that he was also pressured to change his sworn testimony to favor this company. of course the white house they
6:37 pm
deny any wrongdoing as is mr. falcone who appeared yesterday with >> megyn: kelly. >> people think we've made contributions to grease the wheels that is so wrong. i find it hard to believe they pressured any testimony, especially on this topic. the facts are the facts. either we interfere or we don't if we interfere let's fix the issue. if we interfere with national security, then it should be fixed anyhow. frankly, we don't. >> sean: here with reaction, talk show host out of cincinnati, bill cunningham, the great american. from the new york civil rights coalition mike meyers also a great american. we have a pattern emerging. big donors. go to the white house. they have access most americans won't. they get into the white house. they get these huge guarantees, 535 billi in the case of
6:38 pm
solyndra. couple hundred million in the case of lightsquared. they go belly-up. they are trying to say no the donations had nothing to do with it. you bill cunningham? >> no. this is the silence of the democratic lambs. can you imagine this happening with ronald reagan or george bush, 41 or 43? could you imagine the outrage at the atf scandal, fast and furious, solyndra half a billion dollars? there was a connection between the government changed the mandates of the legislation so that the investors were treated more favorly than the taxpayer if bankruptcy took place. the investors who are also part of the obama campaign team, got in front of the taxpayers when it came to this bankruptcy. somebody must have almost anticipated a bankruptcy. if you naught in the could have of the deal. -- finish if you put that in the coven nance of the deal. >> sean: imagine if it was discovered that scrub had
6:39 pm
invested in enron. it would be a massive scandal. here's what we learned in 2005, then senator obama invested 100 tkpwrapbld the company changed its name to lightsquared. trying to get a four star general to change his testimony. >> and we've learned that the chair of the fcc which gave the fast track to the same company you're talking about was a great campaign donor and bundler and bunk for barack obama. let me channel sarah palin in this regard. how is that hope and change working for you? we have a white house now that is mired in scandal in hypocrisy and in slight of hand. on the one hand, we have a campaigner who said he was not going to be holding to big donors. he was not going to be holding to the people who pay to play.
6:40 pm
he was going to be representing the little guy and the little man. the little woman. what do we have? we have a slight of hand now. we have a president whose friends and donors drop -- name-drop. we have redacted e-mails. we have witnesses clamming up. fcc chairman saying he's not going to testify before a house committee. we have witnesses from the energy company and the satellite company who are clamming up. and the energy companies saying that they are going to plead the fifth. >> sean: bill cunningham, you are also a lawyer. is there going to be any legal culpability potential? any prosecution potential in this case? >> suborning perjury is not when you give testimony knowingly and maliciously. october of which is to massage the truth in this case last week, your good friend bob beckel said on the five, this happens all the time in the white house. they get together the posse,
6:41 pm
you say this, i say that. that is suborning perjury. there are men and women doing time in federal prison for this kind of stuff. do you think attorney general is going to do it? absolutely not. >> sean: congress? >> darrell issa is doing great work for fast and furious. >> sean: in case you didn't know this. some news today that darrell issa himself launched an investigation into solyndra and lightsquared. >> he has subpoena power. >> beyond that, this is a question with respect to the satellite situation, a threat to national security. president obama must give leadership. who must articulate transparency in government. he's the one who should be saying let's find out what the heck is going on here. he cannot get -- have it both ways. he's got to partways with these so-called big donors and the big money and speeches. and' has give leadership to
6:42 pm
transparency and accountability in government which not. >> sean: we are doing it here. congrats just launched this week your daytime talk show you had the twins on today. i thought at any moment you would call them spoiled brats and it didn't happen. >> i'm like dr. phil with jerry springer's audience. i attack nobody. i'm warm and fuzzy and will have able. >> sean: that's how you are in real life. >> and i'm the voice of sanity and you're the voice of hannity. [ laughing ] >> sean: time to check in with greta. where are you back in d.c. tucker you guys friends again or is it personal? >> greta: we are communicating a bit. we'll work it out. >> sean: i'll offer this program, if you guys want to come on this week, i'll be the peacemaker and put you both on and see if we can't come to a resolution. >> greta: it is not a mary of making peace. we have a very different idea
6:43 pm
on what is appropriate to describe a woman. >> sean: no, i'm saying you didn't resolve it last night. >> greta: it went off the rails. >> sean: i'll be judge judy. >> greta: it went off the rails. there's always sort of a drama behind the drama. any way, we'll work it out, don't worry. all is well. we have a lot tonight. we have senator mccain, senator coburn. louise story of the "new york times". governor daniels from andian that, he's back. -- and we have a ceo who wants to hire people, but there's a problem. the federal government is in his way. >> sean: if you read the jobs bill if somebody is unemployed and they go for a job in this new bill, they can claim discrimination because they are unemployed so nobody is going to interview an unemployed person. e est thing i've ever read that the federal -- the dumbest thing i've ever read that the federal government has done. >> greta: i have a jobs plan. >> sean: i have a jobs plan too, fire obama.
6:44 pm
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call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel, joe trippi is back. she a conservative columnist jedediah bila is with us. he's from the show red eye which he never invites me -- >> not true. >> sean: you never invited me. >> we have through several different bookers they are not with us any more. we always invite you sir. you can choose to reply or ignore. that is your choice. [ laughing ] >> sean: i in the show i watch it a lot. put the numbers up as it goes along. perry leads romney with conservative voters 31-24. romney leads obama with the best chance 49-47. perry trails obama 50-45.
6:49 pm
then romney beating obama by two points. what do you make of it? >> whether the party going to get pragmatic or not this happened with democrats in 2004. i ran the howard dean campaign. people loved the red meat, the guy that spoke to their heart in the end they got pragmatic they wanted the guy they thought was going to beat george bush that was kerry. >> sean: big bore. kerry was a horrible candidate. >> that's what a lot of republicans think romney is. very interesting the parallels are actually pretty -- >> i think there's a sentiment of perceived he -- elect aeult. people want someone -- electability. people want someone who is going to beat barack obama. there's a sense romney comes from a more blue state. >> sean: romney is the
6:50 pm
governor of massachusetts. if you go back some of ronald reagan's positions, they weren't exactly conservative when he was governor. >> they weren't as conservative when he was president right now. i feel like there's the reagan we talk about and the one that existed. we have this thing -- >> sean: he was a conservative president. >> the tax rate was at 27% when he was -- >> sean: 90 to 28%. >> it is 23 right now. we have this thing, sean knows this, we have this brain room full of skulls that have been in formaldehyde. i asked what the polls were in 2007 at the same time during that campaign. hillary was ahead of obama by 20%. giuliani was killing thompson by 20%. they showed hillary beating giuliani if a mock election by 5%. polls schmools.
6:51 pm
i'm going to write a book. >> that's true. when they have this kind of fear about another reelection, of a sitting president like democrats did of bush in 2004, the other -- the out-party gets pragmatic as it gets closer to the real vote. that's been the way it has happen in the past. >> reagan was deemed unelectable by many. polls don't mean anything. there was a poll on twitter, sarah palin rising in the polls. we don't know if she is going to get in. >> sean: the one poll that maries how low obama is. [ talking over each other ] >> -- romney does better with the independents that vote in the general election than perry. if you see these inches moving from obama that's what republicans have to look at. >> have we ever met anyone who has been polled i never met a nielsen family.
6:52 pm
if they exist, watch red eye. >> sean: i never met them either. guy a call once to be polled. >> i've never been polled. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: 15 minutes, i'm like i don't have 15 minutes. >> 15 minutes for a poll? >> sean: more with our great american panel, next. my doctor told me calcium is best absorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. she won't eat eggs without hot sauce. she has kind of funny looking toes. she's always touching my hair. and she does ts ncing finger thing.
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[ male announcer ] with advanced technology from ge, now doctors can diagnose diseases like breast cancer on a cellular level. so that women, like kristy's mom, can get personalized treatment that's as unique as she is. [ kristy ] she's definitely not like other moms. yeah, my mom is pretty weird. ♪
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>> sean: before we continue, we reveal the results of our text vote question. we asked if you support increasing taxes on the wealthy? 19% said yes. 80% no.m=;ñ 1% not sure. what does that tell us? >> as i told you i've never been polled. i was not able to contribute. i feel left out. >> sean: you could have called in. >> i have no friends. we can talk about this the weather. he barely tolerates me, you know that. he doesn't make eye contact that's a height thing. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: let me ask you this, how much of every dollar should government get from people? don't duck this question. how much of every dollar should people pay in taxes, state, local and federal taxes. >> i don't know. >> sean: you do know.
6:57 pm
>> i think when is enough, enough? i don't think it should be 15% for huge fund managers. >> sean: only 1% of millionaires don't pay taxes. everyone else pays 29.1%. [ talking over each other ] >> up to 50% for the 1% that don't pay anything. >> sean: we are wasting time. >> 35%. >> sean: total? >> no on the federal. somewhere in there. >> sean: in a state like new york it is property and county taxes, 55%. i get to keep 45% of every dollar i make in trippi's world? >> yeah. i think's fair. >> sean: that's fair? >> yeah. >> sean: that is like hell on earth in your world. >> i think we far surpassed the point where enough is enough. people like you getting tacked a ridiculous proportion.
6:58 pm
-- taxed a ridiculous proportion. >> sean: everybody is. >> we are not going to solve our problems with either party's ideas. you are not going to do it with just spending cuts. [ talking over each other ] >> the average person has to live within their means. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: the mack-penny plan balance the budget in eight years. freeze at 2011 levels cut 1% a year for six years. >> i go back to what he said earlier. like in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, we were taxed at 27% overall. now it is 23. it is not that bad. >> sean: it is not 23%. it is 36% for most people if you add state taxes in new york, county taxes and property taxes and sales taxes and if you die taxes and the geld in your teeth taxes.
6:59 pm
we have to take a break you are going to throw the ball. that's all the time we have left. last month 36-year-old navy seal chris campbell one of 36 kill when his helicopter was shot down in afghanistan. chris penned a handwritten will that said in the event of his death rather than focus on him, he wanted people and hoped people would donate to the wounded warrior project. he wanted 100,000 donations. i donated, i hope you can do so as well. wounded warrior hopefully, you can make a difference. that's all the time we have left. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight senator mccain is barbecuing the president's jobs act. even calling it a campaign ploy. setor mc-- senator mccain is here.


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